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Posted December 18, 2014


New Casting

Discovery Family, Discovery Life, TLC  & Enfagrow


Toddler Bowl;  30 minute show to air on  Super Bowl Sunday

Casting Dates: Thursday - Monday 
Submit a picture with name, date of birth and confirm that your child can walk:


Shooting Day Rate: $175/day for toddler. No additional fees for parent appearance which is TBD.


Rate Includes: 1/2/14 rehearsal (no pay / no more than 4 hrs) & 1/3 & 1/4 will be shoot days

Casting Location: Our Studio / 6247 Falls Road, 21209 / directions:



VPE Talent is currently working on a new comedy/talking head pilot for a major cable network, and is looking for humorous, outspoken, and opinionated gay men and their grandmothers to give their opinions on a number of light-hearted topics. We're shooting in the DC/VA area in mid-January.

We're ideally looking for pairs of gay men (ages 25+) and their grandmothers (ages 75+) of different backgrounds. There should also be a backstory as to why these duos spend time driving around together -- this project is tentatively called "Conversations In Cars". Both the grandson and the grandmother should be funny, outgoing, and quick on their feet! A gay grandson + grandmother is our ideal choice, however we're also interested in other intergenerational combinations.

Interested parties can submit to Thomas Giglio directly (info below) or apply via our site:

Thanks in advance!

Thomas Giglio

Senior Casting Producer | VPEtalent


VPE: Vinnie Potestivo Entertainment, Inc.

O: 646-795-5995  //  //



Posted December 15, 2014

CASTING CALL Chemistry 101

We are looking for a diverse, multicultural cast of dependable actors and actresses to play a group of highschoolers for our short film Chemistry 101. All roles (except for Blake, Amber, and Mr. Tudenvoucher) are nonspeaking; stressing on skills in pantomime/facial expression.
 We are looking for characters who put a twist on the stale conventions of highschool stereotypes - Come as you are. Please include the name of the character(s) you are auditioning for in the subject line of your email followed by your name.  ( ex: AMBER Joanna Doe)

EXTRAS are welcome to apply! We will need up to 9 individuals to fill out the classroom’s seats for our 3 shooting days. Benefits include screen credit and free meals. Please include “EXTRA” in your email subject line followed by your name.

Please email your resume, headshots, and contact information to as well as any links that you may want to provide.

Full details of casting call here.