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Posted April 3, 2015

PMG Filmworks will be casting for "Naked Hearts", a bittersweet love story/ romantic comedy caper written, and to be shot/ directed/ edited by Richard Chu.

His credits as writer/ director:

"Return of the Cicadas" [TRT: 15 mins/ 16mm],
"The Wish of Harriet" [TRT: 30 mins/ Beta-Cam]
"Eros" [TRT: 45 mins/ HDV]

The indie feature film is set in Baltimore City and Washington DC with shooting to begin on June 16, 2015 on the weekends -through three seasons, Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2015-

Auditions will be held in Baltimore and Washington DC starting on the weekend of April 18, 2015. I will be casting for 3F/ 2M actors in the late-twenties/ early-thirties for lead and ensemble roles

If interested, please e-mail your headshot or photo & short bio to BLUE.SKY.RICH@GMAIL.COM for audition location/ times and reading sides



What:   A DC Production Company seeks 5 funny women to star in a new web series called QUIET!, a female-driven comedy about what happens when five frazzled women with nothing in common seek some peace and quiet in a shabby DC library.

Please come prepared with a short (under 2 minutes) comedic monologue,  headshots and up to date contact information.


When:  Sunday, April 19, 10:30am-3:30pm


Where:  The Writer’s Center, 4508 Walsh Street, Bethesda, MD 20815




JUDY (40s) – Judy, a rat race dropout, has the brilliant idea of homeschooling her five kids with the misguided notion it’s going to be a piece of cake compared to the intense journalism career she left behind.  But, she’s in over her head - and even the library self-help section can’t save her.


LIBRARIAN (55-65) – A badass, ageless rocker with a bartender vibe, the Librarian can seem like a fierce survivor or suicidal nihilist– depending on which of her haikus you happen to read that day.


MARIA (40s) – A high-powered, foul-mouthed Capitol Hill press secretary, Maria is so tightly wound even her aging eggs are choking.


VANESSA (30s) – A divorced, single mother in need of cash, Vanessa tries to launch a sex toy direct-marketing business out of the library, but her sales pitch isn’t always persuasive.


ALERA  (20s)  – A stunning chaotic mess of last night’s party clothes, Alera is working off her DUI by teaching ESOL at the library.


The race and body types of the five characters are wide open.  Stand-up or improv experience a plus.  Initial filming to take place this spring in Washington DC, with the possibility of more filming this summer. Non-Union rates, copy, credit and meals.


In advance, please send headshots, resume and any links to video performances to  Also indicate for which character you will audition.


Posted March 25, 2015

Hiring Full/Part-Time Actors for work year round! Lots of Perks!

We currently have openings in our BALTIMORE Troupe for new MALE and FEMALE Talent!

Ages 18+ non-union work. 


This is a fantastic opportunity that will provide the following:

Each of our actors has the opportunity to act in up to 300 shows per year, with no show minimum required. This means that they may participate in as few or as many shows as they desire, an excellent arrangement for actors with separate non-industry employment or those interested in taking on additional projects. The Murder Mystery Company also pays a base $75/per performance and pays via direct deposit. We also reimburse gas and pay for travel expenses. If you choose to travel to a non-local performance we will handle flights and lodging.

The Murder Mystery Company has been active in the national theater community for over ten years and is third in record ticket sales in the US. Our shows run year round with a multitude of fun themes changing periodically to give our repeat customers something new to look forward to.

Auditions will be held Monday, April 13th.

These are scheduled auditions. 

Please respond to this post by submitting your head shot and theatrical resume with the subject heading "Baltimore Auditions" to to be considered.

Posted March 24, 2015

Hispanic female model needed for print!  Age 25 to 35, size 12 or 14, must be 5'6" to 5'8"!!  Model needed for print shoot for original dress designs, shooting in Bethlehem, PA this Sunday, March 29, six hours starting at 2:30pm, pays $400.  Wholesome!  No tattoos!   If you are interested, available and can self-report, please email a professional head shot, body shot, current snap shot and resume to  Resumes MUST list city, state, all sizes and contact info (if you don't have a resume, include all info in the email).

Posted March 23, 2015

Non Union
Silver Spring
Shoot Dates/ March 31-April1
4 Roles Male/Female
Please read roles and submit or pass along to someone you know
All pictures titled and in an attachment. NO cover letter. No embedded pictures. Please do not include this posting in your submission. Phone number and name in body of email in case your attachment doesn't open. NO hats, NO sunglasses, NO uniforms or costumes from other shoots.
Thanks! Sareva

1 Caucasian Male look  40's long shoulder length or almost shoulder length darker hair,thin build.-$75 per dayPlease email picture, full name, phone number, height and approximate weight in body of email write "caucmale40sn" in subject line.

2. Caucasian Female look 40's  brown/black hair height close to  5'5'' and 5'7''. average weight-$100 per day
Please email picture, full name, phone number, height and approximate weight in body of email write "caufem40sn" in subject line.

3. Caucasian Male look 40's- shoulder length hair. goatee. average height. A little heavier not thin. $100 per day
Please email picture, full name, phone number, height and approximate weight in body of email write "caucmale40goatsn" in subject line.

4. Caucasian Female look early 20's  brown/black/brunette  hair. Approximately  5'5 - 5'7" average weight not heavy. $100 per day
Please email picture, full name, phone number, height and approximate weight in body of email write "caucfem20sn" in subject line.


Posted March 20, 2015

Senior Short Film Casting (Baltimore-Towson area)


This is a senior-level short film from students at Towson University. See synopsis and casting information below. If interested, send head shot, resume, and reel to juthau@yahoo.comWe'll contact those we're interested in for auditions to be held Saturday, March 28. Auditions are open to SAG-AFTRA and non-union actors.


Astronaut Kristina Ride has returned from a three-month solo mission, but something's not right. She's not happy to be back; she's depressed, unapproachable, and all she wants to do is return to orbit. But when NASA cancels its astronaut program, Kristina runs out of options. How will she cope with being stuck on earth? Is there a bigger problem under the surface?


Kristina Ride (mid-30's): Very intelligent, but currently in a delirious state, like PTSD for astronauts. Wants to be alone, back in orbit. Willing to severe ties with family, friends, and lovers to do so.
Adam Terran (mid-30's): Kristina's fiance, a therapist. Wants to keep Kristina close and break her out of her funk. Often uses his psychiatric skills to do so, but ends up making things worse.
Neil Ride (late 50's, early 60's): Kristina's widowed father. Loves his daughter more than anything, especially with his wife gone. Treats his daughter with kindness, but not a pushover.
Alexandra Armstrong (mid-30's): A fellow astronaut who trained alongside Kristina. Opposite of Kris; she's cheery, friendly. Tries her best to help Kris get over her rut and back into "real life."


April 14-20


Meals provided. Gas reimbursed. Pay is negotiable for union and non-union actors.


Posted March 19, 2015

CASTING: " Test of our Love"  

A Lifetime channel screening. Funding fell through so we are shooting it as a non-union feature.

Production needs to start in May 2015

If you are interested in roles or pre-production help contact for more information?

Jennifer 30s to 50s race open

Anthony  30s to 50s race open

Emma  20s to 30s race open

Billy 20s 30s    race open

Waitress  age and race open

Home owner  age and race open



Real People Casting
Spot for a Network (will tell people auditioning the name)
Real people who fall into the categories listed below:



Shooting: 3/25,26 or 27/15

On-camera talent $500.00 & extras at $150.00

Length:  :30 spot


About the Initiative:


Making Life Better is a new multi-media initiative that unites ongoing national awareness efforts under one platform designed to shed light on physical, mental and emotional health issues that impact or touch all of our lives in some way. The spot aspires to propel important issues to the forefront of the national dialogue, exploring issues such as:

• Mental Health Awareness

• Cancer Screenings

• Women’s Health

• Heart Disease Prevention 

• Childhood Obesity Prevention

• Anti-Bullying

• Inclusion & Equality



THRILLER/SHORT,  “Products of Influence”
LOOKING FOR YOUNG ADULT ACTORS AND ACTRESSES (AGES 16-21) for a short film about four outcasts who decide to take a stand after dealing with bullying at their high school.  Shoot will be in mid June on the weekends.
There are EIGHT primary roles for young adults (4 boys, 4 girls), as well as the opportunity for background actors and actresses or EXTRAS. 
Please send a SHORT video of your favorite monologue, scene from a dramatic movie or play, or something of your own creation, etc. via our CASTING section on our website ( where you can send a link to your audition.  We will reply shortly after receiving your submission.

The second round of auditions will be held in person in Rockville, Maryland


CASTING CALL - Chemistry 101

We are looking for a diverse, multicultural cast of dependable actors and actresses to play a group of highschoolers for our short film Chemistry 101 . All roles (except for Blake, Amber, and Mr. Tudenvoucher) are nonspeaking; stressing on skills in pantomime/facial expression.  We are looking for characters who put a twist on the stale conventions of highschool stereotypes - Come as you are.

Please include the name of the character(s) you are auditioning for in the subject line of your email followed by your name.  (ex: AMBER Joanna Doe)

EXTRAS are welcome to apply! We will need up to 9 individuals to fill out the classroom’s seats for our 3 shooting days. Benefits include screen credit and free meals. Please include “EXTRA” in your email subject line followed by your name. 

Please email your resume, headshots, and contact information to as well as any links that you may want to provide.

*Actors and actresses under the age of 18 are welcome to audition! Said actors/actresses must be prepared to have their parent/legal guardian sign an image release form. The director insists on obtaining explicit permission from the actor’s/actress’ parent or legal guardian before any rehearsal takes place.

Further details HERE.



Have you always wanted to repurpose a cool vintage structure on your property?
Do you have a unique structure that you've been waiting to convert into a dream living space?

Does your structure have a rich history and American backstory?

Do you live in a rural area, where materials can easily be sourced?

If so, we want to hear from YOU!

An award-winning production company is currently searching for homeowners that are looking to convert and repurpose their wild and over-grown structures into a one-of-a-kind living space. From

the old barn that's taking up space in your woods to the abandoned school bus that's broken down and rusting away, let us help you design your dream structure. 

If this sounds like a perfect fit for you or someone you know, please contact us ASAP! Email with your name, location, renovation project, budget, and what you

would like your space to look like. Additionally, please include photos of yourself, family and structure you wish to renovate.