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Posted July 23, 2014


Taylor Royall & Betsy Royall Casting, CSA

Talent ages 18+ needed this Thursday, 24th in DC

Calltime: 9:30 am (will confirm that night before may change)

Location: Close to the Renaissande Hotel in DC

ALL talent needs to take an ID

You will be paid cash when you sign out. $60.00 for up to 6 hours

Wardrobe . street clothes... be comfortable..

Project name is for KLRC new product release

If available email (write KLRC in the subject line)


Non-Union Casting Call for DC area shoot - July 31, 2014

Carlyn Davis Casting is looking for the following types for a NON-UNION web & TV spot that will be filming in the DC Metro area on July 31, 2014, or August 1, 2014:


25-30 female: any ethnicity, hip hipster, multi-colored hair, piercings & tattoos (maybe), unusual glasses

30 - 35 male: any ethnicity military haircut, fit, a stereotypical Marine.


These are non-speaking roles.


For consideration, please email with a current headshot and a snapshot (taken within the past 2 months), and include all contact information. Please put "Non-Union TV Spot" in the subject of the email.


We are looking for Washington, DC local talent only at this time.


No phone calls, please.



Non-Union casting call for shoot in Chantilly, VA - July 30, 2014

Carlyn Davis Casting is looking for NON-UNION talent for a video shoot in Chantilly, VA on Wednesday, July 30, 2014. Shoot will be from approx. 11 am - 3 pm. We are looking for talent of all ages (children and adults) and ethnicity.


For consideration or for more information, please email with your headshot and a current snapshot.


We are looking for DC local talent only at this time. No phone calls, please.





African American Male Look 30-35

Non Union

Location -Baltimore

Conservative Look Homeowner Type

$100 non speaking very featured

shoot should be short.

Shoot Date TBD

Follow my submission policy listed Thanks

Please email a current cell phone 3/4 picture. No hats, No Sunglasses, If you email me a head shot please email another picture too. Pictures must be sent as and attachment and titled.

Include full name, phone number and current approximate weight and height.

Must have transportation if selected for job.

write "aamalehome" in subject line


> Caucasian-/Male look 25-mid 30's
> Non Union
> $100-Non Speaking very featured
> Caucasian Male- 25-30, Very Handsome, Great Smile, can be sexy, to play helpful handyman,plumbing etc.
> Shoot Date: TBD
> Location: Baltimore
> Please email 3/4 length current picture.
> Along with name + phone number. Include height + approximate weight. NO Head Shots. Please include date picture was taken. Ideally a cell phone picture.
> Write ""plumbcm" in subject line
> +++ please do not include this posting in your reply and NO cover letter.


10 - 16 year old in wheelchair

Betsy Royall Casting, CSA & Taylor Royall Casting

10 - 16 year old in wheelchair

Shooting: end of July

Client: USDA Print Campaign for Healthy Eating

Great Pay!

Please submit picture & get details at


New Casting Tweens & Teens

Betsy Royall Casting, CSA & Taylor Royall

Casting for a Public Service Announcement (PSA)
8 - 10 tweens & teens - 13-17 yr olds / all ethnicities
Non speaking principles
Pay: sag scale
Casting - this Tuesday & shoots July 24 & 25th
Submit headshots: and in the subject line write name and age



New Casting - USDA - Great Pay & may submit headshots


Please pass along - 

USDA Print Campaign

Talent Specs:

SHOOT DATES: end of July
(If selected, you would only work one 
day, but should be available for as many of these dates as possible. There will be another phase shooting July 19-24 and/or August 2-3, so if you are not available in June you can still come in to be considered for this phase).

LOCATION: MD (most likely Montgomery County)

RATE: Most will be needed for half 
day shoots (half day is considered 5 hours or less, a full day is 5-10 hours)

Kids: $300/half 
day, $600/full day 

Please email betsy@betsycasting  for audition time or to submit a picture.



Casting call for "The Snag" short film

Production title: The Snag

Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Project length: Short Film (10-20 minutes)
Project format: 16:9 HD
Production location: Gaithersburg, Maryland

Director: Dennis Shats
Audition Location: Online via Skype
Shooting Location: Gaithersburg, Maryland


Compensation: Unfortunately none, but will be featured in film and credits.  Actor will also get a copy of the film once completed.


Saturday, August 2nd, 2014 2:00 – 6:00 PM EST
Sunday, August 3rd, 2014 2:00 – 6:00 PM EST
(Please note all auditions will be given a specific time within this window)
Call Backs: Monday, August 4th, 2014 6:00 – 9:00 PM EST
Shooting Starts: August, 2014
Shooting Ends: August, 2014

Dennis and Karl are two childhood friends with drastically different attitudes to life.  Dennis is optimistic and happy while Karl is pessimistic and bitter.  Even though their interactions are comedic, life has something serious in store for both of them…

Character BIOS



[AGE: 20-30]


Dennis is optimistic happy guy though he’s a little clumsy.  He feels it’s his duty as a friend to cheer up Karl and change his look to be more positive.



[AGE: 20-30]


After serious accident, Karl has a disability in his leg which possibly made him so pessimistic and cynical.  All he wants is to be left alone so he can wallow in his negativity.


Please send your headshots, full body image and resume by Email to




Casting for a psychological dramatic short film titled "Serpentine" 


Synopsis: A detective is on the hunt for a killer.


Please send photos, does not have to be professional. If you have a link to previous work please send as well.


No pay but will provide light healthy snacks and a digital copy of the film when completed. 


DETECTIVE, 45-50, caucasian, short hair.


MOTHER, 40+, caucasian



Casting call

Cast and crew call for independent film being shot in Western Maryland. Film is an anthology of shorts that is a pilot for a DVD/Web series. Will film the first 5 episodes as part of the pilot. Multiple roles available and some crew positions including part of the production team. Please send contact info and photo to:


Actors Needs for New Murder Mystery Web Series

I'm working on a new web series called Green Vespers. It's 8 pilot episodes that form a "pilot season" about a secret society based in Capitol Hill that has organized all of the riots and power changes within the city's history since the 1960s. They have done so with little notice except from one hell-bent detective, Detective Dandy, that has worked this whole career to expose them. After Detective Dandy catches them witnessing a murder, each episode interviews one member of the Green Vespers. What the audience sees is flash backs of what happened. What the viewer hears either lines up with what they are seeing, or doesn't proving the character is lying. Make sense?

I am looking to fill the following roles:

Detective Dandy: 40s+ African American man who knows DC like the back of his hand. Black Tom Hanks meets cunning detective. 

Constanza Luz: 20s to 30s Latina women who is determined, quick to react, and is always one step ahead.

Minor Gaines: Mid-20s/Mid 30s African American deaf man who is extremely intelligent. The real eyes behind the operation. Knows that power comes at a price, but needs excitement in his life. 

Two African American Boys, ages 8-12. One is for a flash back of walking through Meridian Hill Park. The other is mistaken to be Detective Dandy's son. 

Extras: For various flash backs. Very low commitment (we'll have your scenes done in less then 15 minutes). 


Contact me ASAP because we start shooting August 2nd.


New Nationwide TV Series Casting - Rekindling Former Flames

Did you have an instant electric connection with someone you just met – and then never see them again?
Is there an epic crush you still think about and wonder “what if”?
Do you still regret messing up your shot with the perfect girl back when you were young and irresponsible?
A new TV series for a major cable network is setting out to give missed connections a second chance!
If there’s a special someone you want to track down – but need help finding them and finding the courage to reach out to them – we can help!
Email us ASAP at with your story of how you missed your chance at what might have been love.


RICHMOND - Meg Ryan Film Ithaca Looking for Extras!

Feature film Ithaca, to be directed by Meg Ryan, is now looking for background artists!  Filming will take place in and around Richmond, VA.  No experience required.  Be a part of this wonderful project and submit by following the full list of instructions at the link below:


Feature film:   Ithaca, directed by Meg Ryan

Availability:     Any or all days between July 21st to August 25th

Locations:      Central Virginia/Richmond area

Look:             Authentic 1940s.  Especially men and women with slender or average builds, and those over 18 who look younger than 18.


Be sure to read and follow all instructions on the above link carefully in order to be considered.



Theatrical Auditions

Staged Reading Auditions

IKAM Productions is casting for our Fall Staged Readings of El Haji Malik: The LIfe and Times of Malcolm X and Henrietta.

El Haji Malik: The Life and Times of Malcolm X
by N.R. Davidson
El Hajj Malik, is an emotional choreoplay that employs acting, singing and dancing to powerfully portray the story of Malcolm X. Every actor - male and female - speaks as Malcolm at some point during the production.
Cast: 6-7 African-American actors, 4 males and 3 females


by Karen Jones-Meadows
Henrietta traces the evolution of a relationship between Henrietta, a fiftyish derelict, and Sheleeah, a successful, young working woman in her late twenties.
Cast: 3 African American actors; Henrietta (50-60 year old woman), Sheleeah (late twenties woman), Thomas (37-47 year old male)


Dates to Consider:
Saturday, July 26: 12:30 pm-3:30 pm
Sunday, July 27: 2 pm-5:00 pm
Tuesday, July 29: 6-9pm

Staged Reading:
Sat, August 2
Noon - 8 pm
Location: Anacostia Arts Center

Wed, July 23
5:30 pm - 7 pm

Thurs, July 24
6 pm - 8 pm

Location: Upon confirmation**

Non-union actors only, all actors are paid a small stipend ($60-$80)

Come prepared with a 1-2 minute monologue and a side will be provided

If interested, please contact with a headshot, resume, and 3 available options for your audition (include date and time) by Wednesday, July 23 at Noon. A confirmation email will be sent that includes the location**.

**Location is near the Howard University area.



August casting

Suited Four is holding their next monthly open call on Monday, August 4th from 4:00pm- 6:00 pm. For more information and location info;please go to


Posted July 1, 2014

Casting Call Indie Film

Casting Call for Feature Film

Lead Male actor needed to play Forest Ranger James

19/20 years old, Caucausian, good physical condition, ATV experience helpful 

Shooting in Baltimore area.

Must be available on weekends In July and August.

Non-Union Only, No Compensation but will receive credits and reel footage

Please send headshot and resume to



Casting Call

The DIY Network's I Want That is back and is currently casting homeowners in the Washington D.C Metro Area.

I Want That is a fast-paced tour through the latest and greatest home and garden products. From smart appliances, hardware gadgets and tools to home finishings and the newest products for your pets, cars and gardens, there is something for everyone on I Want That! This series earns its unique, authentic DIY flavor by featuring real homeowners demonstrating these products in their home. In most cases you will get to keep the product that you demonstrate.

The casting team is seeking enthusiastic, clear-spoken homeowners who can breathe life into the products featured on I Want That. Fully-finished homes (or rooms) and homeowners with flexible weekday schedules will distinguish a casting application. Some basic home improvement experience is required. Homes within 30 minutes driving time from downtown Washington D.C. will be strongly considered.Please keep in mind, this is not a renovation show and we do not make-over homes or entire rooms.

To apply, send an email to and please include ALL of the following:

  1) Your complete contact information including home, work and cell phone numbers. Please include your home address.

  2) Information about yourself including your age range, weekdays that you are available to shoot, and the types of projects your family enjoys doing.

  3) Pictures of your home, including: exterior pictures of your front and back yard, pictures of your kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedrooms, garage, and workbench if you have one. Please include at least one picture of you and your family. Great garages, workbenches, and "man-caves" are always in short supply, so if you got it, let us see it! 

  4) Please be aware that we usually need three or four individuals to demonstrate products on each shoot day. If you do not have three to four adults in your home, please consider asking neighbors, friends or family members to demonstrate products on shoot day. During the casting process we will ask for photos of any person scheduled to appear on camera. 

  5) Include your family name and city of residence in your email subject line. For example: The Brown Family - Rockville MD.

*** It is monetarily unpaid BUT we do usually allow the participants to keep one of the products they demonstrate. Additionally this is a good resume builder for those interested in the media field. 


Feature Film Casting Call

Main Characters,

Glen Beckman, 52, All American male, former navy man, college football star, good looking, great hair, Winner, Confident, Owner of Company. Alfa male, gray hair, likes to drink.

David, 31-41, smart, leader type, Cool, can be funny, all around good guy, gets along with most people. Every woman wants him, every man wants to be him, winner. 

Charles, 26-29, eager to please, hyper, fast talker, he’s robin to Batman, the side kick, smart, makes calculating moves, all around good person, has the ability to become Batman one day.

Jen, 36, sexy real estate broker, has two kids, house wife, has a secret, Think Sanaa Lathan

Karen, 34, dreams wife, crazy, sexy, cool, Will do anything for her man. Until he pisses her off. Think cute and crazy.

Brian, 46, psychologist, glasses, beard maybe, Think  HBO In Treatment or Robin Williams “Good Will Hunting”

Detective Giles, 38, Surly, Smart, No nonsense, Veteran Detective has seen everything.

Feldman, 56, Owner of Law firm, Grey haired, Caring type, goes along to get along, not afraid to rock the boat, Plays Golf, Seasoned Lawyer, Likes to guide young talented lawyers.

EDDIE, 24, computer Tech, Hacker in spare time, faster talker, Think Jack Black as a Techy

Anna, 26, schooled in France, Smart, very attractive, cute and cuddly, A girl everyone loves, not loud or attempting to be funny, smooth, flowing, natural beauty,

Captain Brown, 51, gray haired, season police, company man, straight to the point.

Cook, 55, gray haired, old biker type, Works at a diner, bikes with buddies, hits the bars, Been to jail on a stretch, went straight after, Rough surly but reformed too old for the game. Think Sons of Anarchy,

Joanney, 10-12, daughter,

Kaley, 4-6, daughter,

Daisy, exotic dancer, 23, sexy. No nonsense, will do whatever for money, no shame, cute but deliciously sinful. Will give every man his fantasy for the right price.

F. Rowe & H. Rowe, Brothers, 56, 57, blackish mixed gray hair, look, middle eastern, Italian rich wealthy foreign business owners. Good if you have an accent. Think rich foreign Bank money, Great if you have some really Good Suites.

Fred, 58, Forensic Police, tells some bad jokes, knows his stuff about dead bodies. Working with the police for 30 years.

Police, 31, African American male, Tall, 5’9 and up.

Dora, 59, was Miss Utah in her day, gray hair, mature beauty,

Jamaican Woman, 50-60, psychic, must have accent,

Waitress, 61, think Flo from Alice Diner, gum popping, she’s heard it all. Nothing surprises her. Nice with an attitude

Please, send head shots and resumes to. Also, please send video audition clips and or video monologues.

All positions pay. Some more than others. Late Summer production Maybe August to Mid September. Must Be available for all shoots til films completion. Must have "Some" waredrobe. 

Seeking, AD and Location Scout. 


Feature Length Western "The Lonesome Trail" Looking for Background Actors

"The Lonesome Trail" a western feature Christian film is looking for background actors to play church members, townspeople, cowboys for the town of Red Springs, Montana. A small amount of the roles may have some small amount of dialogue. If you are interested we are looking for caucasian children and adults male and female. We are looking for a small amount of children and adults male and female Asian, African American, and Hispanic.


If you are interested please contact Compensation: food, fun, film premiere copy of project.