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Posted November 18, 2016

Union Casting Call for Hispanic Females

Carlyn Davis Casting is looking for talent for a AFTRA industrial shooting in the DC area on November 29 and 30, 2016. Auditions will be held in Washington, DC on Monday, November 21, 2016. We are currently looking for the following types:

Grandmother - Hispanic female, 60s+
Mother - Hispanic female, 40s
Daughter - Hispanic female, teenager

For consideration please email with your headshot (if you have one), a recent snapshot, and your resume.  Please put "AFTRA Casting" in the subject of your email and include all contact information in the body of the email. If you do not have a local MD/DC/VA phone number please indicate in which city/state you are currently located.

All submissions must be received no later than 3:00pm Friday, November 28, 2016.

If you do not fit the above breakdown or are not available for the shoot date please DO NOT submit.

Union and non-union talent may apply.

We are currently looking for VA/DC/MD local talent ONLY.

No phone calls, please. Thank you!


Look Models & Actors Agency

Casting female fitness & hand model, 25 to 35yrs for photo shoot North of NYC on 11/21 OR 11/22!!

Day rate, $600!!! Client features non-surgical body sculpting

Female model with fitness physique (nice abs a must) AND nice hands needed for print shoot promoting body sculpting taking place in Larchmont, NY Monday. November 21st OR 22nd, full day for $600. Model's face will not be seen in final images that will be used for our client's social media.

If you are interested, available and fit all casting specs, please email at least two current, professional body shots, a full body snap shot (WE MUST BE ABLE TO SEE YOUR ABS) and snap shot of the tops of your hand (clear and well lit) to Include your resume or list all professional experience. You MUST also copy and include the following form with your submission:


Failure to follow all instructions will result in your submission being deleted and your email removed from our casting notification system so PLEASE be mindful when submitting!!



With the completion of three projects in 2016, the powerhouse, Cartel Urban Cinema, is eager to complete the first movie being submitted to film festivals. With over a million readers, this movie, based off the book, will bring with it a solid fan base.

When Yvonna’s world is rocked after the brutal murder of her high school sweetheart Bilal, she learns a lot about the people in her life. Behind her back they conceal a sultry secret involving her best friend and deceased boyfriend. After leaving town for years, when she returns she exacts a unique brand of revenge.

The movie will be submitted to film festivals. Actors are given stipends, meals, credit, and copy of the DVD/LINK for their performance reel.

Written and directed by T. Styles, already deemed ‘The Actor’s Favorite Writer’, this movie is excellent for actors/actresses looking for powerful dialogue and performances to enhance their reel, as well as a widened exposure at the festivals.

Date: Sunday, November 27th
Where: Owings Mills Public Library
Address: 10302 Grand Central Ave, Owings Mills, MD 21117
Time: 1:30 PM

Yvonna – FEMALE - African American (20’s or 30’s) – After trusting with an open heart, her personality turns dark after realizing those close to her have betrayed her. (Must embrace the crazy and be willing to give everything to this role.)

Yvonna’s Father – MALE – African American (30’s or 40’s) – A veteran who has been tormented by the war. Must be willing to embrace the dark side of life for this role.

Bilal – MALE - African American (20’s or 30’s) – Handsome, smooth and charismatic. Willing to do whatever he can to hide his cheating ways.

Sabrina – FEMALE/MALE – African American (20’S or 30’s) – Had a baby with her best friend’s man and is insensitive about how she feels. Although remorseful later, it will be too late.

Cream – FEMALE – Caucasian/Latina – (20’s, 30’s) – Feels constant emotional pressure over concealing the secret from Yvonna. She eventually falls into depression.

Gabriella – FEMALE – African American – (20’s, 30’s) – The sly, vicious friend of Yvonna who inspires her to seek revenge.

Dave – MALE - African American (20’s or 30’s) – A crazy, demented individual who believes his friend was wronged and willing to do whatever he can to get to the truth.

Please send photo and resume to:

Visit: Cartel Publications - We Reign Supreme


StudioTEN Productions, LLC and McGreffen Studios are combining forces to bring a strong message to a global audience in the form of a short drama film. We are currently casting two leading ladies and one supporting gentleman to portray the struggling characters in our story.


Our short is called "UnExpecting", and it revolves around a low-income married couple who are knocked off their feet by an unexpected pregnancy. It's a story about "the average joe and jane", so to speak, and about how financial stress and responsibility can drive a wedge between two people and *could* even lead them to abandon each other.

This short is a non-union project funded out of pocket by the producers. Actors and actresses will receive a competitive day rate which will be discussed during the audition. Actors and actresses will also receive an IMDb credit for their role. Shoots are tentatively for weekends in late February/early March. Actors and actresses auditioning for the roles must possess and retain some flexibility during this shooting period in 2017.

Release/distribution would likely be in April (not-for-profit) through a joint effort between StudioTEN Productions, LLC and McGreffen Studios.



Female; Athletic Build; Caucasian/White; Late 20’s

Carrie is every young man’s dream of a loving wife. She is a beautiful young woman with a heart full of passion; she loves to paint and always follows through on her commitments. There seems to be no limit to her understanding and her forgiveness. Carrie is very much in love with her husband, Darren, and every bit as frightened by the oncoming hardship and responsibility as he is; but unlike Darren, her goal is to share this burden evenly with her husband and her desire is to see them grow into great parents as a team.

Please note: this character role requires physical intimacy- including but not limited to passionate kissing, regular cuddling and lying in bed with another (non-nude). If you cannot commit to the physical intimacy of the role, please DO NOT submit for audition.


Female; Athletic Build; Caucasian/White; Early 20’s

Kate is a go-getter who makes things happen. Not only is she beautiful, friendly and sympathetic, she's also the office superstar; a driven young woman who refuses to let a deal go unclosed. She takes an interest in her coworker Darren, who seems like a genuinely nice guy. This creates a stumbling block for the both of them as Darren's marriage begins to crumble.

Please note: this character role requires physical intimacy- including passionate kissing and suggestive physical touch (non-nude). If you cannot commit to the physical intimacy of the role, please DO NOT submit for audition.


Male; Average Build; (No ethnic preference); Mid 50’s

Put simply, Larry is Darren’s boss. Known only as ‘sir’ to Darren, Larry is a generous and flexible man. As Darren’s personal life begins to overtake his work life, Larry becomes increasingly concerned about Darren’s ability to contribute value at the office. He looks for any and every opportunity to keep Darren around; Darren is a good man and Larry respects that. But he will not withhold workplace discipline from Darren, if Darren remains unable to regain work-life balance.


Open auditions will be held at a public library location in the Baltimore/Washington area. We are currently in the process of coordinating the date and time that will be most beneficial to all of our auditioners. These auditions will be held in late December/early January.

To receive notice of said auditions and to schedule a time for your own audition once a date and a location are chosen, please submit the following information to no later than December 13th, 2016...

Subject Line: "UnExpecting Audition: (Character Role You Desire)”
Headshot / Full body shot (if possible)
Acting Resume (if applicable)
Brief description of who you are, and of why you want this role.
Email submissions omitting this information may not be accepted.


Both at StudioTEN Productions and McGreffen Studios, we’re always learning new things and figuring out new techniques. We’re a very fun and laid back group, but our commitment to film and narrative storytelling is ceaseless and we strive to make every project as rewarding and professional as we can afford to. If you take your project role seriously and show up on time, we are sure to be lifelong friends. This will be a great film effort for anyone who is looking to expand their resume, tell a really great story and get a few weekends of paid work- and we cannot wait to meet those of you who would like to give it a try with us!


Production: UMBC Student Film "Slight Murmurs"

​Seeking: Non Union, Female Actor ages 20-24

Synopsis: An experimental narrative exploring dreams and personal reflection. The visual language will be weaved from camera framing rather than conventional narrative framing. Follows the events of our aloof protagonist through a surreal journey of time & space.

Shoot Dates: TBD - within the next 3 weeks (2-3 days of shooting)

Contact: Please send name, contact, photo/headshot to



"Abby's choice" a stage play casting call

Synopsis: A humorous adventure of Abby, an eight year old, who is determined to find a wife for her stalling dad before the mother's day, mother/daugter school dance.

Seeking: non union actors

Kate- lead, Abby's choice. Female. Hispanic.
Don- Kate's ex. Male. 30s - 40s Hispanic.
Joe- Dons bodyguard. Male. 30s - 40s Hispanic.
Winnie- A sassy Angel. female. 8 - 12. caucasian.
Thelma- Abbys grandma. Female. 50s. African American. 
Wanda- Thelmas friend. Female. 50s. African American.
Karen- Thelmas best friend. 50s. All Ethnicities.

Send an email of interest, resume and a head shot to, then a character read will be sent to you.

Audition date and time, Nov 19th, 1 pm - 2pm
Location: 5617 54th Avenue, Riverdale, MD 20737



Kathy Wickline Casting

Proud to be casting Temple University Senior Projects for a fourth year! This year there are 6 awesome films which feature over 30 roles, including extras roles.

UNION & NON-UNION talent are encouraged to submit. Most of these films are unpaid, however some may offer stipends and/or deferred pay.

All information regarding this casting can be found by clicking the link below. We will be reviewing submissions and sending out audition invitations next week. This is an awesome and fun opportunity for all actors, submit today!


Casting Announcement

Production: Non-paid/ Non-Union Short Film for

Shoot Location: Baltimore

Shoot Dates: TBD

Shoot Days: 3 weekend days

Read Day: 1 weekend day

Duration per day: 6+hours per shoot day/ 4+hours per read day

We are seeking an African-American actress 25-32 to play the role of Monique, a charismatic street hustler who is always smiling and very loyal to her best friend. Being able to show playfulness along with a dangerous street edge is very important to the role.

Film summary:
Reyna, a tough street hustler has decided to hit the reset button on her life. To her this means leaving the city and starting over. In approaching this personal crossroad, Reyna has recently acquired an item of utmost value, that most would consider priceless. When convinced by her best friend, Monique, to negotiate a deal with a legitimate businessman, Reyna finds herself once again being confronted by the same elements of her past that she is trying to escape.

To be considered please send head shots and body shots to


Posted November 2, 2016

"Catalyst" Casting Call

Action/Fight Scene for a Concept Trailer titled CATALYST filming in Baltimore, MD
Director/Producer: Torian Tarrant

Film Synopsis: An elite group of mercenaries are ambushed during a patrol. Only one survives.

Non Union Actors
Stunt Performers

ACADIAN- Lead. Male. 30s. Ex-Marine.
MERC 1- Supporting. Male. 30s-40s. Ex-Marine
MERC 2- Supporting. Male. 30s-40s. Ex-Marine
WOLFE- Supporting. Male. 40s-50s. Tall.
KAT- Supporting. Female. 30s

REBEL 1- Male with fight choreography experience.
REBEL 2- Male with fight choreography experience.
REBEL 3- Male with fight choreography experience.
REBEL 4- Male with fight choreography experience.

Background Actors: Military Aged Men

Auditions: TBD
Rehersal Date: 1 Day TBD
Shoot date: 1 Day TBD
Compensation: $50-100

Please send the following to using Subject Line “Catalyst Casting”:
-Picture/Link to Reel
-Fight, Stunt, Weapons experience
-Phone Number


Posted October 25, 2016

Columbia University MFA Graduate Thesis Short Film titled In Passing

Union & Non Union
Actors ages 65+
Background Actors: Children (5-10 years old), men & women (30-40yrs old)
Unpaid supporting roles. Meals, footage, experience on a film set!

Auditions: Saturday, November 12th
Shoot date: TWO day shoot, TBD within Dec 16-21
(Children only needed for ONE day)

Director: Bittnarie Shin
Producer: Caron Williams
Casting Director: Yaelle Lewis

Please send name, contact, photo/headshot to to book an appointment time and for the audition location address.

Film Synopsis: The year is 2037. Cloe is in love with Justin who has been devoted to the calorie restriction diet since their college days. Now both in their seventies, Cloe makes a final attempt to pursue him but because Justin is aging at a slower rate than everyone they know, Cloe’s impending mortality becomes a force that drives them apart.


Kathy Wickline Casting is seeking the below talent for a healthcare product.

Female #1:

Union or Non-Union
Must look age 35-45
Ethnically Ambiguous
Must be over average weight to fuller figured
Talent would be portraying someone who is almost back to a healthy weight

Male #1:

Union or Non-Union
Must look age 35-45
Ethnically Ambiguous
Must be over average weight or full-figured
Talent would be portraying someone who is almost back to a healthy weight

This will be for a print job.

Rate: $2500 – 3 yr global/usage TBD (possibly may increase to 5 yrs at higher rate)

You must be available to audition in Philly 10/26th or 27th.

Shoot Date: either Nov 7th or 8th in Philadelphia area.

How to submit: Email current full body digital photo, as well as your contact information. Include your cell and where you currently reside.
(note: we are looking within 100 miles from Philadelphia.)

Submit to: email address:
In Subject type: Healthcare Company

Do not submit if you don’t fit the requirements for this role.